Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wesley House, Bury St E.
April 11th 1914

Nz Pxo (own) Bohfm (Angel),

Nz (My) Txffu (sweet) mjuumf (little) Dadie,
Arrived here safely at about 9pm- found that Percy had been on my train from Combs. Grace met us. Gordon & Jack are here- & Bertha from Bps Stortford- Have announced my firm decision to be back at Baldock by 8.10pm Monday. I do wish you were here my Dearie: I should be satisfied then. It is just striking midnight. This bridge is very old, part of the monastery. It is nice to be home again, but I am lonely. Goodnight Dearest. Ifbqt & Ifbqt (lots & lots) of mpwf (love) & hjttft (kisses) from your own Rothwell.

and then two sent seperately to join together:
Baldock April 6th 1914

Nz Pxo (own) Ebsmjoh (Darling) Bohfm (Angel),
Efbsftu (Dearest) Hilda,
You will rec. these two P.C’s tomorrow evening: Take care of them as they are two of your 60. How excited you will be now Dearie!!! I have been down at Masons’ from 6.30- 9. o/c  
this evening- so am pleased have not had the chance of brooding on the slowness of time: the remaining 2 days…

next postcard

… will pass very quickly now, my love. I will meet you as arranged 9.19pm; am longing for that hour to arrive. Mind you get a mhbd (nice) gzs (hat), one that I shall like.
Dearest, please do be dbsfgvm (careful) jo (in) London- both of the traffic, and of people! I am always worrying the whole ujmf (time) xijmtu (whilst) you are usbwfmmjoh (travelling) alone and am always glad to see you safe home.
Efbsftu (Dearest) of Bohfmt (Angels), I am terribly excited. Good night, Darling- Heaps & heaps of love & kisses
From Your own Rothwell.

I hope Hilda got a very nice chapeau for this much anticipated meeting!

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