Thursday, July 8, 2010

June 4th-9th 1914

It's been more than a month since I posted; I've been busy doing other things- I sound like Rothwell now- will he ever get around to finishing a proper letter for Dadie? Warning, these postcards contain harsh words for a snooping landlady...


18 Broadway, Kittering
June 4th 1914

Nz pxo (my own) efbs Ebsmjoh (dear Darling), nz Usfbtusf, (my treasure)
Again it is only a mere P.C that I am sending you! Still dear Dadie, please be patient, for I have really had no time. As yet, have only sent a P.C home since my arrival. Was intending to start your letter this evening, but I unpacked instead. Am not straight yet even. Got off at 2 o/c today. Cycled to Wellingboro’ & back this afternoon- Went to Northants Agricultural Show. It was a nice change but I wish I could have had you with me. Do write a nice long letter soon, my angle. Have not heard a word from a soul yet. Heaps of love etc. Votre Rothwell.

18 Broadway, Kittering
June 9th 1914

Nz pxo Mpwf (my own Love)
Nz Ebsmjoh (My Darling)

I am still on the P.C game- there are 8 more to come yet- the best ones too. Have not had time to get letter off; it is half-written at present, and I shall continue it tonight & probably post it tomorrow night. Have just written to Earnest – I must write home soon. This morning I printed photos- also got my things straight for the first time. Now…

(next postcard)

...perhaps I shall have time for writing to my little Dadie. It is about 4.30, & I have not been out today yet. I don’t think I will go to church tonight, but go for a walk instead & get on with your letter too.
I do wish there was some prospect of seeing you Dadie- if only you could get out on Sundays! (I hope Mrs. P reads this- how shocked she would be! But perhaps in future she would not meddle with other people’s private correspondence- just like a kid on b who knows no better) Must get to post now Darling. Heaps of love etc from votre Rothwell

and I'd love to know what a kid on 'b' is!

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