Tuesday, April 20, 2010

March 1914

Baldock Mar 10th ‘14

My Efbsftu, (Darling)
It has since occurred to me that I should much prefer blue, to match your scarf, but please yourself of course. I should like you to get a blue one though, Dadie. Am going to Westell’s nature lecture at P.O at Letchworth tomorrow. Bailey’s have taken a box for it.
Mpwf & ljttft (love & kisses) from Your own Rothwell

No pressure for the blue Hilda...
I realised I missed the one below so have included it before we get to far into 1914!

Baldock Dec 16th 1913

Lx Cdzqcrs (My Dearest) ‘Hildear’,
Am very sorry that I shall be unable to meet you on Friday (if you are returning then) So you ask Auntie to send down for you; you must not walk unless you are obliged to Ebejf (Dadie).
Will cycle up on Friday as soon as I can. Your P.C is awaited. Be a good girl; you will be very excited now I know. Goodbye Ifbqt & Ifbqt of hjttft (heaps & heaps of kisses) & love from Votre (your) Rothwell

I love that Rothwell is so certain that Hilda is barely able to contain herself at the thought of his arrival. What a confident 19 year old he was!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

February 25th 1914

Now their code gets trickier- they swap some letters about so that Efbsftu and Cdzqdrs both spell ‘Dearest’ which can best be seen if you lay two alphabets together and offset them by a letter. At this point in time, they are just having fun with the code because there are clearly no state secrets hiding there (or naughtiness!)

Baldock: Feb 25th 1914

Ma bien aimée : (my good love) I am afraid I shall not be able to get a letter off until Friday: I have not had a chance to start yet, but am going to tonight. Udqx nboz sgzmjr gps (very many thanks for) yours of Thursday last- Saturday. It was such a sweet one Dadie!!! You never told me you are on duty this week- Good Luck Dearest!!! You need not post me a letter on Sat. as I shall be away- so that you will have more time on Sunday & I am sure you have not much time this week. I should write to Trumans now, I think so that you can get their form filled in & send it back to them by next week. Good-bye, Heaps of kisses & usual love from Yr. Rothwell

Baldock March 2 1914 11.50pm

Cdzqdrs ne Bohfmt, (Dearest of -1 dozen- angels) ma bien aimée, (my good love) Dadie,
Thank you very much for your very nice letter of yesterday. I promised I would start writing you tonight, but I have not been able to get going. I ibwf tfou gps zpvs (have sent for your Easter present) this evening, Dadie, my Darling. I know you will like it. Our Inspector cleared on Saturday. I enjoyed the weekend immensely & I think I have a lot of news for you. Le sera demain le trios (will it be three tomorrow) in 3 week’s time- how lovely!!! Am quite impatient. I shall be disappointed if I am moved before Easter- Will write a soon as I possibly can. Mpwf & Ljtt gspn (love & kiss from) Your own Rothwell.

wow...his three grandsons could do with using 'Dearest of 1 dozen angels' from time to time (just speaking on behalf of the wives here...). I'm wondering if I will find a message in code tucked under my coffee cup;  epou gpshfu up qvu uif opnqptu pvu my love...

Monday, April 5, 2010

This is the first time in the correspondance that Rothwell has called Hilda 'Dadie'. The cards seem to be an in-between-letter arrangement to let her know a longer epistle is on it's way, though he is full of apologies at his tardiness. Quite like sending a text to say a longer e-mail is coming...

Wesley House, Bury St Edmunds 2/2/14

My pxo (own) Dadie, Efbsftu (Dearest), in all le monde,-etc,etc- Have had a most enjoyable, tho’ quiet week end. I wonder how you are getting on, Dadie: it seems ages since I heard and ages since I wrote. Expect there is one waiting at Baldock. I’m leaving in an hour’s time.
Mpuf & ljttft (love & kisses) in abundance yr own R

Baldock Feb 15th 1914

My Efbsftu (Dearest) Dadie,
Very many thanks for yours recd today. I will just drop P.C to say I have the matter of answering it in hand. It is 6.20pm. Must get to church. Ifbqt of ljttft (heaps of kisses) & the greatest share of love from : Votre bien aimé – Rothwell