Thursday, February 10, 2011

A trip planned!

Rothwell's postcards were much more frequent than my blog postings I have to say; he didn't need to scan each one, arrange them, decipher them and upload them. He just had the eagerness of a young man in love to keep him motivated, and he obviously knew Hilda shared his passion. Such confidence!

Speaking of confidence, this blog has suddenly taken on a new meaning for me. I've been contracted to illustrate a poignant ANZAC story by David Hill , to be published by Scholastic for 2012.  It all came about through a wonderful song about a little red poppy written in Canada by Rob Kennedy. This is a moving story set in Flander's field in WW1. I am knee deep in army uniform research at the moment and it seems serendipitous that I should have taken such an interest in this old album of postcards from a man about to go to war...

18 Broadway, Kettering
June 12th 1914

Nz Pxo (my own) Ebsmjoh (Darling)

Thank you for your V. nice welcome letter, which I will answer in due course.
I am writing now to tell you that I am coming to see you on Thursday next: My train arr. St Panchras (next door to Kings X) at 4.30. Meet me there when I arrive- my own dear sweet angel, I can see your darling eyes glistening with joy as you read this.
I really can stand this no longer, so this evening, went to station & to my great glee, I find it only costs 4/3 retn. Will make all detailed arrangements in my letter.
I now think it is impossible for me to spend a week with you in the holidays. Mine will probably be just over when yours begin. At any rate I must come for the August Bk Holdy wk end. Don’t arrange re Batley until my date is fixed, Dadie: The whole of our holiday list will have to be rearranged, I expect.
Are not those P.C’s fine: the 4 best are yet to come. Abundance of love from Rothwell.