Tuesday, November 23, 2010

June 1914 and a rainy day

I thought I'd start posting some of the wartime 'funnies' as we get closer to the time Rothwell was enlisted. There is a wonderful collection of very non politically correct cards in Grandmother's postcard album- this is the mildest.

Meanwhile we find Rothwell a little melancholy...it must be the weather, or being away from his dearest Dadie.

18 Broadway, Kettering
June 11th .14

Ma bien aimee,
At this moment I feel tired languid and sad: the weather is enough to make anyone melancholy. It was a glorious morning but now it is raining again. I have no news Dadie Darling. Since I wrote, nothing has happened. I got off at 1.340 today; I had thought of going to Northampton this afternoon to hear the Coldstream Guards full Band, but did not get out in time. I’m glad I did not go now. I wonder where you are at this moment Dadie. I do hope it is not raining at Barnet too, so that you have to stay in, for you don’t get much chance of fresh air & freedom. I hope you enjoy your day in Town on Saturday. Remember me to Auntie. They must have named this village after me. I have not been there yet: it is 4 miles from here. The crypt of the church is stacked with human bones. I shall cycle out sometime. I have 6 cards to send you yet- of Wookton Church, and the remaining 5, of wonderful monuments of the Montague family which are in there. Tea is ready. Goodbye my angel.
Love etc from yr own Rothwell.