The Lovers Code

The code Rothwell and Hilda used was pre-war, so obviously meant to stop prying family eyes. We would love it if you could have a go at cracking it. I'll put the codes up as I post the cards. His handwriting is fairly hard to decipher at times, so I may have transcribed a few mistakes!

Note- we have figured out the code- it's pretty simple- the alphabet offset so that A becomes B and B becomes C etc. It couldn't have fooled Hilda's parents and the war officials too much but I'm sure his tiny handwriting did. Just to make things a little trickier, Rothwell has transposed the code too for some of the words. You definately need a sheet of paper and a pencil for them!

Efbsftu is Dearest and Ebsmjoh is Darling

J. tfou ufmfhsbn  I sent telegram
Efbsftu, J bn ufssjcmz mpofmz apx, Cvu xf tibm hfu pwfs ju. Dearest, I am terribly lonely now, but we shal(l) get over it

Diffs vq Ebsmjoh.  Cheer up Darling

J tbx uif cbdl pg zpo hpjoh gopn the cpupn  I saw the back of you going from the botom  (of Pesthouse)

My Efbsftu, My Dearest
My Ebsmjoh, mpwd & ljttft  My Darling, love & kisses