Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sept- Nov 1913

Here are the first of the cards written in code. I have worked out the following: Efbsftu is Dearest and Ebsmjoh is Darling. Those code crackers amongst you can probably get cracking! I will put them up on the 'Lover's Code' page. If you'd like to decipher any of the messages, leave a comment with your translations.

Sept 16th 1913: 30 High St;

My Dearest,
J. tfou ufmfhsbn this evening. Hope it is to hand.
Efbsftu, J bn ufssjcmz mpofmz apx, Cvu xf tibm hfu pwfs ju.
Diffs vq Ebsmjoh. J tbx uif cbdl pg zpo hpjoh gopn the cpupn of Pesthouse have up uif Tubuijpo. Rang my bell hard but xnt heard nothing. Love& kisses, Yr own Rothwell

Nov 24th  1613: Baldock (in great haste)

My Efbsftu,
Many thanks for letter recd today. You may expect letter rather late, Edbs this week as I am going to full dress rehearsal at Hitchin tonight & one or two other events, so am full up with no time to write. I hope you are better, My Ebsmjoh, mpwd & ljttft, your own Rothwell


Kelly and Roger said...

This is my translation:

I sent telegram this evening. Hope it is to hand. Dearest, I am terribly lonely now, but we shal(l) get over it. Cheer up Darling. I saw the back of you going from the botom of Pesthouse ....? to the Station. Rang my bell hard but ...? heard nothing. Don't know what the missing words are.

Fifi Colston said...

Wow! that was quick- have you worked out the code? its not a straight offsetting of the alphabet.